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Virtuozzo Virtual Private Servers (Resolved)
Affecting System - Node: Clyde (Virtuozzo VPS's) | Priority - Medium

Big updates, and a critical performance fix.. we're working as fast as
possible, we apologize.. a standard vz2update program for Virtuozzo
enterprise server by parallels, completely screwed up the fix we did and
would of done had everything back up, better than before hand. So since
there software screwed the kernel patching up, there technicians insisted on
fixing it for us.. So it's just a matter of time now until they say they're

And there should be no future problems, we've been assured.. we spend over
400$ a month alone to Parallels, inc. for Virtuozzo licensing.

Sorry everybody for this, it's being sorta out and fixed as quick as THERE team can work with us.

Date - 08/26/2009 12:16 - 08/27/2009 00:00
Last Updated - 08/27/2009 09:48

Core is online, all upgrades completed, perfe (Resolved)
Affecting Server - | Priority - High

And upgraded to debian 5 (Lenny).. We are restoring all the user home directorys and so forth and most logins were all ready re-added, if you have problems accessing on 9105 please contact us; for p0rt directly.

PS: The server is up, contact us if you have problems, all user directorys are backed up, there is just permission problems when trying to override the home dirs, or to place th dirs there before adding the user account to the system..

No data loss was reported. IF any files were found that shouldn't of been there, they probably did get removed, otherwise, Look forward to the NEW and improved server and it's network/routing.. "All DNS is still the same, Vhosts, personal IPs & Custom Vhosts, etc"


The Unixdev Team

Date - 08/01/2009 00:00 - 08/05/2009 13:40
Last Updated - 08/01/2009 21:17

For support/billing/sales/estimates. (Resolved)
Affecting System - WHMCS | Priority - High

Great new features, and a wounderfull system for our clients to have and use.

Visit us on IRC [@] DALnet or EFnet in #udshells / #unixdev & #hack2600 (general chat & friends.)

p0rt is a administrator (CEO, Founder, Systems Administrator)

eXile_ is a administrator (Manager, Level II Systems Administrator)

Nobody else, is a administrator for Unixdev, LLC - Unixdev Hosting Solutions.

Date - 04/29/2009 19:48 - 07/16/2009 11:00
Last Updated - 04/29/2009 19:55

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