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Our customers are important to us. In addition to offering our customers the best hosting Solutions and services at the most affordable prices, UDshells also provides superior customer service with a world class support team. Please check out and view our online knowledge base, announcements, and articles. Basic support and questions can be answered in these sections of our website, and we continue to build on them. Also, please feel free to open a support ticket or send us a email and we'll be glad to answer any questions. You may also give us a call anytime, toll free, 24x7!

Director of Information Technology
Unixdev, LLC - Kevin Brown - Executive / Director.

Director of System Operations
Unixdev, LLC - Will Hall - Executive / Director.

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E-mail: Contact our Sales department 24x7! Most emails are responded to between 10 Minutes - 24 hours "Maximum". Depending on service volumes at your current time of contact.
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E-mail: We have a certified staff, that will take care of anything you need, or direct you in the proper manner, as needed. Support is availabe 24x7. Just email us, Or open a new support ticket, any time.
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E-mail: Please note that all abuse email reports will be fully investigated. But, we do not always reply to all the abuse related emails we receive. We do know about it if you have reported it though, Thank you.
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E-mail: Please feel free to contact our billing team at Unixdev Hosting Solutions 24x7 for any questions, custom quotes, or anything at all billing related. We are here to make sure you're satisfied.
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We specialize in Customer Satisfaction and have a excellent certified team. Contact us with your questions Toll Free 24x7! - Help With:
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We use top notch, professional grade providers. Assuring stable, reliable, gigabit connections to all of our servers & services. We operate out of Cincinnati, and partner with top tier data centers are the United States and all around the world. The Unixdev team is here for you 24x7!