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IP Transit Information

IP Transit - Ecommerce Web Hosting - UDShells

IP Transit : Unixdev Hosting Solutions Information

UDShells Server Solutions maintains our own national-private IP network, buying transit from major carriers such as Mzima, XO, Abovenet, and nLayer, at six locations around the country (USA), along with a dense and high class arrangement of peering partners. There are essentially two IP transit products that this enables us to offer - UDShells own national, blended IP network, and custom private networks - Using direct ports with other upstream providers to which we subscribe.

The Network

Unixdev Hosting Solutions Operates a performance-focused network that is both redundant and diverse in all cities, all over the world. Our customer service is what you'd expect from a medium-sized ecommerce hosting company - Not A TELCO that's accustomed to holding routes ransom at ridiculous pricing, and having sales representatives that you need to be making regular follow-ups with to buy things from. Anytime, anywhere, The Unixdev Team will be there for you!

Benefits of buying UDShells - IP Transit

  • A very high quality, low-latency network at the best rates we offer on any of our IP Transit Services
  • Performance optimization and monitoring using sFlow technology
  • 24/7 manned network monitoring and deluxe customer service
  • More connectivity and routes than you would receive with one of our upstream providers alone
  • Guaranteed 0% packet loss on our internal network and 100% uptime (SLA - Certified)
  • Non-oversubscribed bandwidth with 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps ports available at all of our POPs

UDShells will allow connectivity with our network in any location that we are active, on commitments beginning as low as 25Mbps, or as large as your project may require. Contact our sales department for information for pricing.

Direct Ports with various Upstream Partners

Generally speaking, unless you are pulling in massive amounts of bandwidth from these individual providers - you will never be given pricing that's even in the ballpark of what larger clients receive from any major telco. UDShells is currently authorized to resell direct ports with several other upstream providers..

Benefits of direct ports resold through UDShells

  • Guaranteed lower rates than via the Telco's direct on commitments beneath 10Gbps
  • Solid 24/7 customer service on the front-end via phone, ticket, email, live chat
  • Strong, established relationships with major providers and priority customer service on the back end

Mzima Networks


Mzima Networks runs a smart-routing network with 500+ peering providers and over 250Gbps transit/peering capacity in global points of presence. Mzima's network is the first built upon Force10's terabit E-Series routers, and maintains their own 10Gbps backbone stretching between Asia, America, and Europe. Unlike many local cable providers, Mzima's network is tuned for performance, using a custom implementation of Foundry Networks sFlow technology.

nLayer Communications


nLayer maintains a high quality United States-based network stretching to prominent peering points in Europe with more than 900Gbps interconnect capacity with other major networks and 34 core IP network POP's. nLayer's reach into the Canadian IP exchanges in Toronto and Montreal make their product a unique and useful addition to most BGP networks.

XO Communications


XO Communications runs a transit-free network and categorizes themselves as a Tier 1 NSP. Formerly known as Nextlink Communications and Concentric Network Corporation, XO maintains massive fiber assets in the United States - leasing transport to other Tier 1 NSP's such as Savvis. XO boasts such customers as Internap, who uses their network as one of only a few that are ubiquitous amongst their various Points of Presence, as well as thousands of others.

Abovenet Communications


AboveNet IP Transit removes network complexity and geographic choke points while freeing small, medium, and large organizations from the limitations of legacy networks. To help ensure that your mission-critical data arrives quickly and accurately has AboveNet combined its eXpressWave™ long haul service and world class IP backbone with its high density metro fiber networks. When your data is coming from an AboveNet Internet Service Exchange (ISX) or via direct access to the Internet backbone you can be sure it will get through.

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