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Current Data Center Locations

As you can see above it's hard to find a place we don't have a server. With our global partnerships and top-tier data centers around the world, we can now provide our customers with servers when and where they are needed the most.

Network Information

Our Network

The Network is built around some of the most successful data centers in the world. We firmly believe our customers should not have to put their eggs in one basket and working with multiple data centers located throughout the world allows us to make that possible. Listed below you will find a map with the locations we currently house our servers in:

We use only the best hardware, which offers exceptional performance and proven reliability for our customers.

  • Data Center Level: On-site physical security, redundant switches, routers, power systems, fire suppression systems and air conditioning systems;
  • Network Level: 24/7 monitoring, multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers, an Overlay Network that delivers your data to website visitors using the fastest and least congested path at any given point of time
  • Server Level: We keep a supply of hard drives, network cards, processors, motherboards and every other piece of equipment that has even a remote chance of failure.
  • Data Level: We use a multiple-SCSI backup cluster system for data storage and recovery.

We are always up to date with the latest hardware and software to keep your on demand applications running solid. Our server techs can be said to have an obsession with server reliability and security. As users of our own equipment and services what is important to you is important to us.

And of course, we always have a live support team that is standing by, right now!

Berkshire (UK)

Berkshire Network Information

This is our United Kingdom location. BlueSquare House has the following features:

  • 10,000 sq.ft total size
  • 1.5 megawatt on-site substation
  • Diverse power feeds to substation
  • Broadcrown 2 megawatt generator connected via ATS systems
  • Two main fi bre duct points into building
  • N+1 PowerWave UPS system
  • N+1 Airedale Air Handling system
  • ~22°C +/- 2°C data floor temperature
  • 16 Amp feed per equipment rack
  • 24x7 secure entry via swipe card system, with 6-layer entry
  • Data centre located inside its own secure compound, with 3-metre fencing and electric entry, including anti-tailgate systems
  • Onsite NOC engineers available 24x7 for remote hands service
  • Serviced, secure engineer/business office space available from 200 sq. ft. to 1,000 sq. ft.
  • 430mm raised heavy duty flooring
  • 20GBit resilient Ethernet ring available to all customers, linking BlueSquare 1 to London Docklands facilities, with 50ms self-healing capacity
  • Secure cages from 350 sq. ft. available with our without racks
  • Restrooms, shower rooms and kitchen facilities available
Transit in Bluesquare is provided by Euroconnex. Euroconnex has peers at the following exchanges for un-rivalled connectivity:
  • LINX - London
  • LIPEX - London
  • XchangePoint - London
  • AMS-IX - Amsterdam
  • DE-CIX - Germany
  • VIX - Vienna
  • BIX - Budapest

California (USA)

California Network Information

Located in Telecom Center in Los Angeles at the foot of One Wilshire (the largest IP exchange in LA), you will find our Los Angeles data center. The Los Angeles data center facility provides optimal connectivity to Silicon Valley and the rest of the West Coast.

Connecting to the Western United States and East Asia through our Los Angeles data center is the fastest, most reliable solution for any genre of data center services.

Los Angeles Data Center Specifications

Facility Overview

  • Los Angeles data center within Telecom Center at 530 W. 6th
  • 163,600 square foot building 100% dedicated to data center services
  • Direct conduit of less than 500 feet connectivity to One Wilshire
  • Complete renovation conducted in 1998

Zoned Security Systems

  • 24/7 manned security
  • Biometric palm scan authentication
  • Numerous surveillance cameras

Uninterruptible Power Systems

  • Redundant UPS with 30 minutes battery life at full capacity
  • Diesel Generators with 72 hours+ life


  • Liebert System 3 HVAC Units
  • Data center floor temperature at 65 o F more or less 2 o F
  • Dry pipe fire suppression with pre-activation

Los Angeles Network Configuration

  • Foundry XMR4000 Edge Routing
  • Full router redundancy - 3 switch fabrics, multiple lincards, 2x management modules
  • Cisco Catalyst 2950 and 3750 rack switches (redundancy optional)
  • Redundant fiber connectivity to Mzima Networks

Illinois (USA)

Illinois Network Information

Gigenet operates our own 17,000 sq. ft. private data facility. Instead of leasing space from a third-party wholesaler, we have built and maintain our own IDC. Doing so provides us with flexibility to expand, strict cost controls, higher security standards, and overall better facility management.

Additional Data Center Features
Remote Reboot Ports
Hardware Leasing
Shipping & Receiving Center
Free Wi-Fi & Crash Carts
Remote Hands
Server Administration & Consulting
Security: Multi-layer security control procedures, staffed 24/7, proximity card readers, and IP video monitoring ensure that your hardware is never tampered with. Public access is not available unless personally escorted by Gigenet staff or authorized ISP's.

Network: Multi-homed redundant fiber connections and peering with Tier-1 providers ensure you're always connected and that your data takes the quickest, most efficient routes for optimal transfer speeds. Maintenance and support contracts with all of our vendors, along with third party consultants, ensure constant uptime and availability.

Power: Uninterruptible power solutions that are flexible and upgradeable provide constant power to your hardware. Our Mitsubishi UPS battery system takes over instantly while our diesel generator starts up.

Cooling: Leibert HVAC redundant architecture with overhead air distribution makes sure that your equipment is always operating at optimum temperatures.

Fire Suppression: VESDA smoke detection, double-action dry pipe fire suppression modules prevent emergencies before they start.

New York (USA)

New York Network Information

The data center has immense growth prospects with its capability to cater up to 55,000 sq ft of raised floor area and easy access to backbone providers. At present, our data center incorporates more than 7,500 sq ft of raised floor data center space.

DedicatedNOW's data center is power driven by various levels of security, a pre-action fire suppression system, disaster proof infrastructure, cooling systems, around-the-clock monitoring and management, and an uninterruptible power supply.

DedicatedNOW utilizes one of the fastest and most reliable Internet backbones in the industry with multiple points of redundancy and all Tier1 Providers. Our data center gets its multi Gigabit bandwidth network through two independent POP's 111th NYC and 165 Halsey (Equinix) NJ while hosting a number of network routers, load balancers, firewalls, Internet servers, and switches, our data center can accommodate private cages, large server farms, and suites.

Data Center Overview

  • 55,000 sq. ft. facility
  • 7,500 sq. ft. of raised floor
  • (8) 20-ton Liebert AC units
  • 500 Smoke and Heat Detectors
  • Pre-action dry fire suppression system
  • Security badge entry/exit on all doors to facility
  • (2) 225KVA Liebert UPS units, (1) 160KVA Powerware
  • 1-megawatt caterpillar generator (1000-gallon tank)
  • 6000 gallons of emergency fuel is located within 5 minutes from our Data Center
  • 24x7 Network and facility monitoring software
  • 100% Redundant Cisco Network

Singapore (ASIA)

Our servers for our Asia Pacific clients are hosted in Pacific Internet's state-of-the-art Internet Data Center (IDC) in Singapore. This data center is one of the best of its breed in the whole Asia Pacific region and is backed by Nasdaq listed Pacific Internet (stock code:pacnet).

We have hand picked Pacific Internet IDC, Singapore as our data center because of their amazing uptime records, superior network facilities, professional team and their private VLAN connecting Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, India and Philippines which is really inline with our company Asia Pacific growth plan.

Internet Backbone and Peering Partners
STIX, Singtel, REACH, PCCW, Asia Netcom, FLAG Telecom, T-system, France Telecom, Qwest and AT&T.


  • Texas, USA

Texas Network Information

Fully Redundant Network Operations Center Capabilities

Unlike most other hosting providers, The Planet offers 24x7x365 redundant monitoring capabilities from two Network Operations Center (NOC) locations, staffed by certified system administrators and security professionals. Our network management teams operate NOCs in Houston and Dallas to assure the most sophisticated and comprehensive systems monitoring, and complete monitoring back-up in the event of any emergency. We leverage state of the art network monitoring software combined with highly defined monitoring and escalation procedures to ensure the highest standards for security, reliability, performance and systems availability.

  • Redundant network cores in multiple data centers means that if a router or high-level network appliance goes down for any reason, there is no loss of service.
  • Gigabit cross-connects between multiple data centers assures that data moves quickly. And if any one data center were to experience network connectivity issues, it would simply route outgoing data through other centers.
The Planet ensures that our system automatically measure the latency of key network routes and sends client data to the Internet along the best possible route.

High powered network speed and bandwidth When it comes to network speed and bandwidth, The Planet is second to none. With an unrivaled 100 gigabits per second speed, The Planet eliminates bandwidth traffic jams and roadblocks to assure high volume, instantaneous response for hosted applications. By using multiple Tier 1 telecom providers and direct Internet connections, we bypass transit networks and shorten the network path between your IT infrastructure and your customers. The result is lower latency, maximum speed, and unsurpassed reliability. In short, The Planet provides you with the connectivity, bandwidth and stability you simply can't find anywhere else.

Bandwidth Providers:
  • AT&T
  • AboveNet
  • Savvis
  • Verio
  • Global Crossing
  • Level 3
  • Time Warner Telecom
  • Cogent
The Planet delivers superior connectivity for small and medium size business by:
  • Leading the hosting industry in network bandwidth capacity (100 gigabits/sec)
  • Always using fully redundant, world-class routing equipment. Our network is designed without single points of failure . there are redundant core routers, core distribution switches, and carrier diversity. In the unlikely event of equipment failure, the network will continue to optimally perform
  • Purchasing bandwidth exclusively from Tier-1 providers so that our customers don.t have to suffer from poor peering connections, sub-optimal routing paths, and congested or oversold networks.
  • Selecting multiple bandwidth providers, ensuring outages outside of our network never result in outages in our customers systems
  • Connecting directly with the Internet, bypassing transit networks and shortening the network path between the server, and the end-users computer. This results in lower latency and maximum speed.

Washington, D.C. (USA)

Washington, D.C. Network Information

SoftLayer Washington DC is located just 7 miles from Dulles airport in a facility certified to the highest standards in the industry. The DC area has one of the highest concentrations of fiber connectivity in the US and provides SoftLayer and its customers with multiple network options and world class performance.

The facility was designed to full Tier IV standards and provides multiple redundant power connections, in addition to the three 2-megawatt generators and eight 750 kVA redundant UPS systems. As with all SoftLayer data centers, the facility has 24x7 onsite support and multiple security protocols to gain entry to the building. SoftLayer customers looking for a world class facility in every possible way will find it with this data center.

Data Center Overview
Our Washington DC presence, with room for over 10,000 dedicated servers, is housed in a private N+1 datacenter facility incorporating the following infrastructure:

  • 34 x 480v 3-Phase PDUs
  • 8 x 750Kva UPS Battery Backup Inits
  • Three 2-megawatt Diesel Generators with On-site Fuel Storage
  • Redundant 30-ton CRAC Units
  • FM-200 Fire Suppression System with VESDA
  • Biometric Security System
  • Digital Security Video Surveillance

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