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All New Website & Client Portal, and more coming! (MUST READ..)

Unixdev Hosting Solutions

New News:

We have came up with a entire new look for, Including a completely new website, and new updated WHMCS (Client Portal) design integration as well, everything will be all new.. We have multiple high class designers and coders working with our team on this.

We are letting everyone know because the BIG Reveal will be pretty soon, within a couple weeks, give or take.

We're approximately 93% Completed, Overall!


We Hope EVERYONE enjoys the new design, it's completely different than the current site, but will have a better function over all and be a wounder upgrade to our online appearance.

 Be sure to check out the new site in the very near future.

All "active" clients will be notified on the official public online release of it..


Secondly: "Reseller News" - Domain Names & SSL Certificates (ALL Domains Include FREE DNS Manager, And FREE Forwarders!) ID Protect is available as well, for single and wholesale : resale domains, and so forth.

2. uses and offers high quality, affordable SSL certificates, and Domain/SSL Reseller account's with GREAT Pricing, Starting at $60-120 dollars (USD), Applied as a UP front "deposit" to open the account to "re-sell" these. All done through our full partner now, where we do the same thing basically but make much bigger deposits up front. Pricing depends on total up front deposit, 120$ up front would get you 8.95 DOT .com (S) /PER Year (PERIOD) And it only get's better and lower as you grow with it! You make it what it is, the more domains or deposit, the cheaper the yearly pricing on ALL tlds will be, For the Life of your business with us, and you will never be "LOCKED" In to any type of Contract, etc.. You could cancel anytime, and so forth as you please.

TLDs You could get OR Offer YOUR Clients (Get YOUR Full Domain/CA - Resale, Reseller account today!): Simple Plain Text Format. (Easy save txt file.)

Happy Holidays!

Best Regards,

The Unixdev Team : Unixdev Hosting Solutions : The One Stop - UDShells IT Shop - (Over 650,000 IT Related Products, And Almost Fifteen Hundred Brand Names. Most ready to ship today!) - Must See (GREEAAAT DEALS!)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

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