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All prior VPS's should be fully restored..

If you have had a virtual private server that has been down, it should be fully restored, and even updated.

  We have updated and restored service to everyone who reported a problem after
the update.  If your VPS is online now it would be helpful to let us know so we
can remove the old VPS.  If we do not hear back one way or the other we will be
removing the old containers and assuming everything restored ok.

  If anyone else is having any problems even minor ones like ssh or some other
service not functioning as it used to let us know.  Sometimes the VPS will run
except for one thing which changed when the templates were updated.

  Also we have support for Fedora and Redhat again. Those of you using Fedora
and Redhat should be online now with new templates.

  If you have any further issues let us know.  This problem should only affected
users who signed up before 1 week ago. The frugoo customers should not see any
issues although the main cause of the problem was due to upgrades we had to do
in order to support their packages.   I think we have a stable environment now
which will support both the old clients and the new frugoo ones.

"The Unixdev Team"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

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