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VPS Plans at the 6 New Premium Data center locations to choose from

Virtual Private Servers - Applys to all locations.

Same exact plans are available at all 6 locations through UDShells now: atlanta, seattle, new york, chicago, los angeles, and dallas.
On the exact same network specificaction and virtual host machine setups!

Special - 256 Series (LIMITED TIME)
Advanced - 512 Series
Power - 768 Series
Elite - 1000 Series
Unixdev - 1500 Series
SLM, ECC, Full-Buffered RAM*
256 MB
512 MB
768 MB
1000 MB
1500 MB

Near-line SAS, RAID 10 HDD**
10 GB
20 GB
40 GB
60 GB
80 GB

Premium Ubiquity Bandwidth***
150 GB
250 GB
500 GB
750 GB
1000 GB

Port and Uplink Speed 10 Mb/s(256 only) level2+=100 Mb/s 100 Mb/s 100 Mb/s 100 Mb/s
Free Static IP's: 2 with ever plan with simple Reverse DNS.
CPU Utilization Equal Share Equal Share Equal Share Equal Share Equal Share - 100% equal share CPU Guarantee on every plan!
Full Root Access - Self Managed with Great 24/7 Support.

Virtuozzo Power-Panel****      "Included in the base server plan pricing" (There is a option to pick a complete control panel solution during the order process)

Internal Private Network Access     

Monthly (USD)
$25.00 -Special VPS
$37.00 -Advanced VPS
$57.00 -Power VPS
$77.00 -Elite VPS
$97.00 -Unixdev VPS

* SLM Memory (rather than UBC) is used with VZ virtualization for better performance and guaranteed resources!
** RAID 10 and SAS Near-line drives are used to guarantee screaming fast i/o speeds on your virtual server. (and more)
*** Backup, clone, repair, migrate, install packages, control resources, check stats, stop/start services, and much more!
**** Parallels Virtuozzo Power Panel!
VPS with no control panels will install instantly and should receive notification within 30 minutes. VPS with control panels may take up to 12 hours for installation and licensing. Welcome emails can also be found by logging in to our support center if you cannot find one in your email.

 Operating Systems:
CentOS 4, 5 -FREE
Fedora 7, 8, 9, 10 -FREE
Debian 4, 5 -FREE
Ubuntu 8.04, 8.10, 9.04 -FREE
SuSE 10.3, 11.1 -FREE
Windows 2003 Server (ADD $20/month)

 Control Panels:
InterWorx: $8/month
Plesk (Unlimited): $8/month
cPanel + WHM: $8/month ($12 on Baby VPS)
Direct Admin: $8/month
More software options are available as well!
 Managed Services
Get a Linux VPS fully managed: $20/month (ADD)
Get a Windows VPS fully managed: $45/month (ADD)
External data backups to a RAID 5 NAS System: DDRB "Dedicated Disaster Recovery Backups"  ($1.50 a Gigabyte) Includes the Services, and free setup!
DDRB's start at 10GB Plans for $15.00 a month.
More information available if needed, just ask/email, submit a ticket, etc.

 IP Addresses (Standard Usage): SuSE
/29 (8 IPs) - $6 per month
/28 (16 IPs) - $12 per month
/27 (32 IPs) - $24 per month
/26 (64 IPs) - $36 per month
/25 (128 IPs) - $55 per month
/24 (256 IPs) - $75 per month

Requires Filling out a simple IP Justification form that we are required to keep a record of for ARIN.
Private Networks and Private VLANs available!


 Data Backup Features

1. Incremental Backups via RSYNC
2. Data encryption over SSH
3. Fail-safe RAID5 NAS disk-mirroring for Speed & Reliability
4. Simple FTP Access to NAS Backups
5. Run backups at any time interval, ranging from Constant to Monthly
6. 100Mbit Transfer Capacity for Restoration
7. No Data Transfer Limit
8. Data Backup Solutions
 Description  Monthly
10GB RAID5 NAS Storage $15.00
20GB RAID5 NAS Storage $25.00
30GB RAID5 NAS Storage $35.00
40GB RAID5 NAS Storage $45.00
50GB RAID5 NAS Storage $55.00
100GB RAID5 NAS Storage $105.00
250GB RAID5 NAS Storage $255.00
All prices are in USD,

This is ALL New 6 data center, IRC Allowed locations for our equitment, shell servers, ircd servers, and premium virtual private servers that come with the cheapest IP Allocation plans around, and a full networking and power SLA Certification with 99.9% Uptime/Power Guarantee 24/7/365, Period.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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