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Unixdev Hosting Solutions - New Products & Services Coming Soon!


As of today, we have confirmed that AKA Unixdev Hosting Solutions is gearing up for a NEW Product launch (Right Now) of all new Web Hosting Packages, Dedicated Servers, Reseller Accounts, Domain Registrations, and More!

We're very excited about this and we look forward to being able to serve our industry again with top notch services that we used to be so well known for. As new major updates come to life by our product & solutions team(s); we will post them here, as future announcements. However, in the mean time... You will start to see changes happening very soon and very quickly in our client area, our order pages, hosting packages, and our service offerings throughout our website.

Our most loyal customers and fans have made this possible for the Founder of Unixdev, LLC - Kevin Brown. In a statement he made Monday morning stating: "We're coming back and we're ready to take on our biggest competition yet".

Thank you everyone,

The Unixdev Team

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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