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Massive Power Outage

Friday afternoon we experienced a fairly standard power outage, which cause three facilities to switch over to generator power for a pro-longed period of time. This ended up being a much larger outage than ever anticipated. Unfortunately, due to the length of time of being affected by this major outage we also experienced multiple generator failures. When the UPS units ran out of power at 7:14 p.m., the data centers were left without power. Shortly before hand we had our backup mail servers, name servers, and dns servers online and ready to failover. We become flooded by failed dns requests, emails, queries, etc that these servers could not handle.

All of our Chicago, OH based facilities were affected by this huge outage and all of the Unixdev facilities felt an impact by this due to routing issues.
We now have a full power restore. If you have a support ticket open, it may have been lost due to the effects described above. Please do not worry or “freak out”. Everything is coming back online, exactly as it was essentially. The problem was uncontrollable due to the issue originating from our Power Company and Sources. All underlying Electrical problems with generators and electrical switching equipment have been repaired. We want to thank everyone on the Unixdev Team and the vast electrical companies that all pitched in with this massive emergency “outage” and we would like to apologize to all clients and partners that were affected by this (62.1%). We’re grateful for the awesome clients that we do have and we greatly appreciate your understand and cooperation in regards to this matter overall.

UDShells, Unixdev Hosting, Unixdev Networks is currently coming back online. If you’re still experiencing any issues accessing a specific piece of equipment, server, etc please allow a small window of time while our staff is going over everything to ensure everything is probably powered on and running. We will also be doing a network wide sweep for any possible failed devices during this outage. These will be replaced automatically, at no cost to anyone. Please feel free to contact if you’re not online by later this afternoon at the absolute latest.

Thank you,
The Unixdev Executive Team

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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