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Unixdev, LLC - New Websites, Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, and more

I want add one thing to this post for users who have had questions about Shell Account dedicated IP addresses, etc...

If you need an rDNS for any custom vhosts or dedicated IP addresses order with your account, simply contact 24x7. Please note that all DNS propagation is allotted 24 full hours for “world wide” mitigation, 7 days a week. This is the period of time in which it CAN take for a new DNS entry to resolve properly across the entire internet, theoretically. This is usually propagated in approximately 30 minutes, on current averages!

New / New Home of Unixdev, LLC - the New Hosting Standard:

We have new “home” gearing up for the public launch online, our physical offices will overall stay the same. will launch & Go live. This includes new and existing packages & services. All prices will get cheaper on basically most general services due to our new infrastructure expansions. Any packages will stay separate to our existing services offered on as it’s a brand in itself, besides custom setups, and users will be grandfathered in, per their existing services and terms & conditions. This keeps everyone unaffected with the ability to switch their accounts pricing and resources from one set of services and pricing or simply keep their accounts exactly as they are. Existing servers will not be moved or interrupted in any manor, everything is essentially “add-ons and additional”.

Please note that the information above in regards to unixdev hosting dot com is simply a preview of the layouts from our concept work & development phases. There are a couple additional added pages and massive amounts of content, great new package layouts, and massive hardware and resource expansions that you will not see until the rest of the public does. However a semi-beta release will be announce to everyone on our services list (up-coming), as members only.

Other Up-coming Unidev website & hosting services launches this year:

Existing sister websites:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

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