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(NEW) Virtual Private Servers - BSD Based VPS Servers

The Datacenter

In order to provide our customers with the most reliable and secure service, we own and manage all of our servers and network equipment. Our online presence is located in Level(3)'s carrier-grade datacenter in Raleigh, NC for all our *BSD / Unix Based Servers. Not only are our servers housed in a secure and protected facility, but we are also connected to one of the highest quality Internet backbones in the world.

  • Liebert UPS power system
  • Caterpillar diesel generator
  • Diesel tank with 48 hour capacity
  • Diesel re-fuel contracts
  • Automatic Transfer Switch
  • FM-200 waterless fire suppression
dc1 dc2 dc3

Network & Connections

Unixdev Hosting Solutions operates an Autonomous System (AS) with Internet connectivity to Level(3) and TW Telecom. The Level(3) network is optimized for the highest quality Internet Protocol (IP) delivery. High capacity and abundant peering prevent congestion and ensure out sites' outstanding accessibility, response time and reliability. The Unixdev Hosting network is built on Cisco hardware, engineered to maximize web performance. We maintain excess network and transit capacity to avoid any congestion during peak times.

  • Upstream providers: Level(3) (AS3356) and TW Telecom (AS4323)
  • Cicso and Juniper routing and switching
  • Private VLANs and backend networks
  • Redundant BGP connections

Virtual Server Benefits:

Monday, May 3, 2010

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